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Thursday, March 02, 2006

i dont think this will be continue. Bye bye bloggers ! add me if u wanna talk me. birthdaymassacre30@hotmail.com or ray_nezz@yahoo.com BYEEEEE my blog and bloggers hahah xp oh well.. byeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee oh ya Im still gona come to your blogs sometimes okay ? :P

precious porcelain ragdoll
10:37 AM

Friday, February 24, 2006

forget my last blog. blah blah blah -_- i have no time taking care of this blog and... the other one. So.. oh well.. only this blog is currently on use.

"we can not gain anything without sacrifice something. To obtain, something of equal value must be lost. That is Alchemy's first law of equivalent exchange."
hah ? still remember that ^_^ FULL METAL ALCHEMIST...hehehhehe. its a really good anime and you should watch their episodes ;) ( Movie included hehehhe )

yay! school off on sunday and monday.. HAPPY \(ToT)/ but whats the point of giving holidays if there are so many homeworks to do ? ufff!

precious porcelain ragdoll
2:45 AM

Sunday, February 19, 2006

yey ! i got another blog but its in indonesian. http://anananatama.blogspot.com forgive me for that long name. But i lovee it. :D the best name i've ever had. -_-' what the heck. heheheheh. okayy.. dont forget to visit ! and i will update it as often as I can as well. =D

precious porcelain ragdoll
5:14 AM

Saturday, February 18, 2006

Wakakkakak damn it. I was tricked by my friend ! hahahahah she was making fun of me ! I meant like.. She had a revenge because I was kidding with her. hahhaheha damn her. xD I was crying like in a whole day only because of her. SAY LOL ! oh well, I'm planning to make another blog hehehe. what the fuck ?! im addicted to blog. Errrr hell no.
I am interested in vector thingy and im so desperate about digital painting. Anybody willing to teach me ? eyyy but I dont have Macromedia Freehand. I lost the CD ! ahhhh I forgot where I DID put the CD. All I know is.. I only found the cover of the CD. =_= im a jackass. I am an ass. Where's the cd ?????? yehh I am a careless about my stuff. I care about them but, me like... "uff... whatever" until i lost em. blah blah blah.

Oh yaaaa I am sooo happy ! now, I have 2 skirts.. hahahahahah !! I got this pretty skirt from Terranova and me was so picky in picking stuff.. "ahhh I wanna buy this and I have plenty of money. but..... arhh whats this ? need to save money." so I only bought 1 pretty skirt. XD and "HALF" of my money I gave it to my dad. wkakakkak. What a fun day it was.. x)
Awww I wanna go to Indonesia. I wanna meet my friends and I wanna go SHOPPING. huahuahuahuaua. Shopping shopping... Oh yaa people please remaind me that there's nothing in my wallet XD hahahhahah !

Am so, I got this new computer because the last was sooo slow and old. haha yay ! i got the new one and FAST ! no lagging. yeehh because its new. -_-' wahahah so happy but the sad thing is.. I forgot to store my things from my old computer to the new one. but im lazy. err nevermind.

Got 3 homeworks waiting. BYEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE

precious porcelain ragdoll
6:28 AM

Monday, February 13, 2006

Hey sorry for you guys I can't visit your blogs that often because im getting even more busy than before. GOD ! T_T and i have a problem with a friend of mine. I am really feeling guilty for her. Perhaps she would not visit my blog because probably she hates me so much. Oh no I really feel guilty. I made that best mistake i've ever had. god. Why am I so stupid ? why am I that idiot ? I hurt her feeling. Oh well.. I was just joking about that thing. I did NOT mean it. i never thought she would feel it so deep until she cried. After I told my joke.. she's mad at me like hell! holy crap! amm.. even though she didn't show her anger but I can feel how she hurted because of me, who was her best friend. She does not want to trust me anymore. She does not want me to be her best friend any longer. It means.. We are gonna be just friends.. not best friends. I still can trust her but she can't trust me. I hate myself for being such an idiot ass. uffffff...... I can't stop crying and scratching my hand and blaming myself ! OH I FEEL GREAT ! those kind of things make me feel kinda okay but I can still feel the pain. Why am i so mean to her !? she is like.. uff... she can understand me ! she did care about me but... I was ruining it! what the fuckkkkk. Yeh, but it's over nothing else I can do except those three things which can make me feel kinda okay. aaaaaaaaaaa I know it's my fault ! fine blame me !

Weeee..... tomorrow is valentine day! tee-heee I am gonna give nothing for everyone. (say LOL!) I don't know. I have this bad feeling I can't feel happiness lah. Oh well, but what's so special about valentine day ? we can show our love to everyone everyday right ? Why there are valentine days which always be on 14th February ? why not everyday ?

oh yeh, I have science test AHOY. got a problem and got lots of homeworks to do and finally.. got a test ? wew cool.

precious porcelain ragdoll
9:22 AM

Thursday, February 02, 2006

Im so awfully freaky about Full Metal Alchemist! The anime is so hella good!I love it! My friend has all of its episodes. There are 51 episodes. so cool yah but its such a pity story! ='( I wont tell you why .. Just watch its episodes yourselves. My teacher is gonna be teaching Germany language and I am still considering if I will join it or not yah I feel kinda lazy. But there is so many people who already joined the club. oh ya I am really interested in photography right now. My imagination is working properly now hehehe or its only because I got an idea.. err... yah nevermind. My maths teacher was Mr.Green. I like him better than Mr.Derakhsan. heh ? yah because Mr.Derakshan is like so strict and We cant even laugh in his class and Mr green is so nice hahahahaha.

precious porcelain ragdoll
3:18 AM

Monday, January 30, 2006

I ran for 3 laps around for 5:45 minutes ahahahah not really good enough but its better than last week.. ( last week my time was 5:55 !) 10 seconds gaps X). Oh well, yesterday PE was badmintoon it was fun. =P me love badmintoon. Oh ya right now I am reading a book called The Time Wreccas. Its really good big book. xP yah I think the thickness almost like eragon ? well.. and I have to finish that book in 2 weeks and I have to write informaton about it !! NO WAY omg. T_T I am feeling lazy.

YAY ! I can watch Full Metal Alchemist ! a friend of mine has it and he let me to borrow his. aw, FMA is such a nice anime.

I feel really warm today. Actually the others feel cold. But.. today, there was PE at school and we were outside and my body started to tremble than the others hehehe. And after running, I feel really hot. not hot as in hot but hot as in hot. heh ?yah and we did sprint for 60 metres. ah... my time was 10:65 seconds! o_O garh. I didnt do my best. Next time I will try as quick as I can ! hope so! :D:D er.. suddenly I love running ? why ? o-O

precious porcelain ragdoll
3:28 AM


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